120 PERY 754 Santa Anita Wash Duarte 19510910 AKW on Flickr.

Photo by Alan K Weeks. All Rights Reserved. Scanned from his negative collection with permission from Alan K Weeks for MLPSI / Steve Crise

Photographer: Alan K Weeks

Date: September 1951

Location: Santa Ana Wash / Duarte

Car#: PE 754

Line: Monrovia Glendora Line

Notes on back of Prints: 198 021

Image notes:

Alan K. Weeks Photo
All Rights Reserved
310 963 9265 USA

As of the passing of Shirley Temple, we have a short clip of her welcoming the new PCC cars of Los Angles.

Here we have a then and now shot of the Santa Anna line, which will become in later year the Bellflower line. In this photo we have a Blimp car with the Bellfower sign on it, crossing Paramount Bvld. and Rosecrans. in this late 1940’s shot! the track is still used in this portion as UP uses it to access a fuel refinery just past behind the photographer

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